Monday, May 21, 2018


Our weekend began with a wonderful night at the dance team gala! 
It was a wonderul way to end a truly magnificent comp season! 
Followed by the royal wedding the next day. 

Scones, jam and clotted cream have become a new favorite treat!
My guess is that this may be assembled "wrong". We'll have to do a little more research (and scone making) to perfect our technique! 
Everything about this royal wedding was truly lovely. I was teary throughout, and we truly adored each and every moment. From the sweet looks the now Duke and Duchess would give each other to the songs that were sung (especially Stand by Me by the Kingdom Choir) and the beautifully inspirational sermon by Bishop Michael Curry. No stone was left unturned. No detail was left unconsidered. It was truly a wedding to remember and we wish them a lifetime of love and happiness! 
Yesterday the youth group lead worship at church. They did such a wonderful job! Since it was Pentecost Sunday (the birthday of the church) they decided that cake was needed! After all, what's a birthday celebration without cake (and balloons and the birthday song)?! 

 We ended our weekend at the spring skating show here in town. They adored getting to see Abigail, one of their dearest friends, in the winter show and were so excited to be invited to attend the spring show! All the skaters did a wonderful job! It was the perfect ending to a lovely weekend! xo

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  1. I only just saw this post....Russ would tell you to put the jam on first and then the cream (which has always seemed backwards to me). It's very controversial in England which comes first the jam or the cream haha, and what part of the country you are from dictates how you should do it. He's from Lancashire, so it's jam then cream. ;)