Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, dear friends! If you have been reading our blog for any length of time then you already know how much we adore this lovely holiday! It's full of some of our most favorite traditions! From choosing paper and ribbon and flowers for the May Day bouquets for the girls, to making May Baskets to surprise friends and neighbors with, we just love everything about this sweet holiday! Spreading kindness and love it our favorite thing to do (along with bringing old fashioned traditions back)! I found myself wondering today if they will ever outgrow celebrating May Day. Somehow I don't think they will!
Wishing you all a wonderful May Day! May it be one full of love, kindness and little surprises! xo 

1 comment:

  1. I so wish we were neighbors (not just so I'd get a pretty May day basket haha) but because you do so many lovely things with the girls. I wish I had remembered to do this with Alice on May Day! xoxo