Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Simply Enchanting!

On Friday, Grace said to me: "Mama, I think a bird flew out of the flowers on the porch." I told her that I had noticed that too and asked her which one. She said: "From one of the side ones." I told her that I had seen a bird fly out of the one that faced the street. Curious, I grabbed the step ladder from the kitchen,climbed up to the first of the three hanging plants and peeked in....
 There was a nest, but no eggs.
So, I went on to check the second basket. 
 Once again, a nest was tucked inside but it too was empty.
Off to check the third....
 Another empty nest.

Today, while the girls were working on their final page of this lesson year I went outside to check again. And lo and behold, there, in the third basket was an egg! 

One sweet little wren egg!
We are super cruious if she will lay any more....

So, with a new egg in one of the front porch nests I went off to check the Robin's nest under the back deck. 
Mother Robin was on her nest but when she heard me she flew off, perched on the fence post and loudly announced something for all to hear. 
And when I peeked inside I was treated to the sight of three newly hatched babies!

What a truly enchating ending to a wonderful year of morning lessons! xo 

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