Sunday, May 6, 2018

Scenes From Comp Weekend

 When your daughter is practically as tall as you and you need to put a high bun in for comp. 
Ready for their jazz dance! 
Micheal and his chicks,. 
 Third place for jazz and fifth place for musical theater for the junior team! 
 Rollin' in to Day Two! 
 Well done, production team! Platinum and first place in their category! 
 And they won the Apogee Award, too! Truly incredible! 
 Junior team members in their production costumes. 
Junior team with their incredibly talented coach, Miss Cindy. It was an amazing year!
These girls totally shined on that stage this weekend! They danced their hearts out and their handwork was clearly rewarded! We are looking forward to seeing them take to the stage at recital time already. Seven weeks and counting! xo 


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend- I soooo miss our Irish dance days and competition weekends!

    1. It was such a fabulous way to end the comp season! xo