Thursday, May 10, 2018

Of Bubbles, Caterpillars, Robin Eggs And Costumes

A gorgeous day like yesterday called for finishing lessons early, 
 lots of time spent outside, 
And bubbles! 

So many bubbles! 
 Our caterpillars arrived yesterday! These not only fit in with Grace's botany block, but Emma's animal block as well. If I've timed this right they should be butterflies just about the time we end lesson and move into our summer rhythm. 
 As if yesterday wasn't already fabulous enough it was costume day for Emma's musical theater class! 
This costume is as spunky as that class is! 
The cherry on top of the sundae of yesterday was finally getting a peek inside the robin's nest under our deck! Three little blue eggs tucked safely inside was a wonderful sight! xo 

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  1. Those little robin eggs are adorable- you are lucky!