Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chattin' With Gramma

Emma loves to chat on the phone with my Mom.  Pretty much daily she climbs up on the little red table in our kitchen (located near our corded phone), picks the reciever up and asks to call her Gramma (who she calls "boppa").  Yesterday, before I was done chatting with mom I asked Em if she wanted to say "hi" to her Gramma.  Below are some photographs of their conversation. 
Notice the yarn pieces on the floor.  She left her cutting to chat with Gramma.
I don't think it stretches any further, sweet girl. 
"la la la la la"
This is pure Emma (and my favorite of these pictures).
I am so thrilled that I was able to capture the fabulousness of their conversations this time! It is how all their conversations look and usually I don't think to photograph them but am so glad I did!  This child was indeed put on this Earth to bring joy to all who have the chance to know her (and the same goes for her sweet sister). Truly she should have been named Emma Joy instead of Emma Faith.  It would have been a very fitting middle name for this particular little!