Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mama Emma

Every Thursday night a dear friend of mine and her son join us for dinner.  Tonight was no exception, and as we mamas prepared the meal, Emma came in, opened the fridge and took out some yogurt.  I thought she wanted it for herself.  Turns out I was wrong...
"Open wide!"
And while she does not get to be a big sister like I always thought she would, I am eternally grateful to my dearest friends for all the "little brothers" that she has.  Thank you girls for letting her be a big sister to your sons.  I am truly eternally grateful. 


  1. Thanks for another great Thursday dinner. And dear Emma has been such a great big sister to Tayo from helping him to walk at Grace's party to feeding and entertaining "her guy". I have a feeling they will have a great friendship!

  2. We love Thursday night dinners! Thanks for spending that time with us, and thanks for letting Em play big sister to Tayo! I have a feeling they will be great friends too!