Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Quick Christmas In Connecticut

Due to the snowstorm that is on its way today, it was decided to that we should quickly stop by my parents house on our way to New York for Christmas with Dave's side of the family.  It was agreed on that it would be the quickest of visits, since we were due in New York for Christmas dinner. The original plan had been that we would Christmas with the NY/NJ crew on Christmas Day and have the CT contingent here at our house for dinner the day after.  With the large amount of snow predicted for us (12-20 inches here in our part of MA) it seemed that the smart choice would be to postpone Chrsistmas with my family and just do a quick pit stop on our way to New York.
Snack is a must at Gramma and Grandpa's.
Gramma and Grandpa gave the girls the bathroom for their new dollhouse!
Dave had my Dad for "Secret Santa".  He gave him chill drops for wine,
and a mug made at OSV.
I had my mom for "Secret Santa".  She recieved some goodies that the girls and I made while we
were elving,
a couple Christmas CDs,
and a book that she was really excited about!
"Oh, Papa!"
Giddy up, Emma!
It was totally fabulous to get to stop by and have Christmas in Connecticut, but we were very bummed out that Uncle Grant and Aunt Kaitlyn were not there.  We are hoping that we can have our Christmas with the whole family on New Years Day! 

An hour later we headed out to continue our journey to New York...

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