Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little More Christmas

Dave's parents arrived yesterday to spend a few days with us.  Ever since the Christmas I was pregnant with Emma they come up during the holiday week so that we can have Christmas together and spend some time making memories.  They got here yesterday just as we were arriving home from running some errands, and once everyone was settled it was decided that then was a good time to open a few gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.
This year the girls were all about the Magic Cabin catalog.  They poured over it (and any other copy that arrived) for weeks.  Emma would point to this doll and say "my doll?"  She was so excited to see her wish come true!
Just like Em had wished for her doll, Grace spent lots of time dreaming about many things from that lovely catalog.  One of them was this item.  I love that she has a love for hanging the wash on the line already!
The girls introduce their dolls to each other.  It was fitting that Dave's parents gave Emma her doll as they had given Grace hers on her second Christmas (the Christmas I was pregnant with Em). 
Each girl is now the proud recipient of their own lovely cup, plate and bowl. 
Setting up the marble run.
This toy is a huge hit and will clearly be loved for years to come!
We ended our night with dinner at The Wayside Inn.  The dessert is always the best part! 

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