Sunday, December 5, 2010

A New Tradition

After years of waiting for "the right time" we finally went and cut our first Christmas tree!  This was something that I did growing up and  knew that I wanted to do when I had a family of my own, and we finally made that dream a reality this year.  We live right down the road from a Christmas tree farm, which makes it even more intriguing that in all the years we have been married, and especially in all the years that we have lived in our fabulous house, we have never been to the Christmas tree farm on our street.  Since everyone was able to walk, and I am not pregnant, this year seemed the perfect time to begin this wonderful tradition.  We invited our dear friends from the Hemm Family Adventures to come with us and off we all went.
It was Dave's first time ever cutting his own Christmas tree, and while it was very cold at the Christmas tree farm, the guys were rather grateful that there was no snow to contend with when harvesting the trees (although it sure would have added to the magic and wonder of the day). We all had a magnificent time, and are in complete agreement that a new tradition has begun!  We are looking foward to many more magical years of Christmas tree cutting with dear friends.  It truly was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend of Christmas fun!

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