Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Skippy's Home

Our elf, Skippy, has been finding lots of good hiding spots around our house lately.  I do believe though he finds it a little tricky to find a different spot that is up high each day, out of the reach of little hands.  The day after we decorated the tree he found a perfect spot right near the angel.  The girls were thrilled and loved to check on him all day.  "That's a good spot for Skippy, mama!" was echoed throughout Tuesday.
This morning we came downstairs and right away Emma was sad to notice that Skippy was not in the tree anymore.  She looked around for a bit and then discovered him in her stocking.  "Hey!" said the littlest and off she went to get her trusty stool.
She climbed up on her stool and was still slightly too short to reach.  She pointed at Skippy and said "My hoho" extending her arms as if to indicate that she wanted to hold him.  Knowing full well she wanted him back in the tree I handed him to her and off she ran.  I scooped her up and she put him back in "his spot". 
And it has been decided that there he shall remain.  It seems as if we have a new part of the tradition now.  And I love that it was started by the girls.  From now on, as soon as the tree is decorated, he will find his "home" in it and remain there until Christmas Eve night.  Sounds good to me, sweet girls.  Sounds good to me. 

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