Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner

About an hour after we left Connectictu we arrived at Dave's Aunt Lucia and Uncle Joe's house.  We don't often travel on Christmas day since the weeks leading up to it are so busy with Dave's extra hours at the store, but this year since Christmas was on a Saturday we figured why not?  So we had our usual Christmas morning (just the four of us), then headed to Connecticut, and finally arrived in New York late afternoon.  We arrived to a house full of family members and the smell of a delicious meal being cooked.  What could be better?!
The girls open their gifts from Aunt Donna and Uncle Peter.
Opening gifts from Grandma and Granpa.
Playing with the Santa Slide with James and Aunt Jean.
David and Aunt Jean catch up.
Toni, Roseanne, Rachel and Rita chat about past Christmases and what they've been up to recently.
"Merry Christmas!"
Emma was all about the desserts!

It was such a treat to get to be there.  We all had a most wonderful time!  Our drive home was quick and easy and virtually traffic free.  We were tucked snuggly in bed, with memories of our wonderful Christmas day dancing in our heads by 11:15pm.  It was a Christmas that we will never forget!  

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