Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas, 1830s Style!

Last night was the first night of Christmas by Candlelight at Old Sturbridge Village!  We had planned to head there later this weekend, but upon further thought we realized that last night was the perfect time to go.  And it truly was.  We pretty much had the Village to ourselves, which was fabulous.  Not that many people were there last night, and as a result we were able to do all the fun things we had wanted to do (including a visit with Santa Claus) without any wait!  The only thing that would have made last night any more perfect would have been if it began to snow while we were there (that, and if my camera had a candlelight setting on it)!
We learned last night that the small house is David's favorite.
This group (they played Celtic music) was wonderful!
The parsonage has always been my favorite house at the village.
We learned that the yule log, Pagan in tradition, would not have been used by the 1830s Congregationalists.
The women who were making fruit cake in the Parsonage let the girls help.  Such a treat! 
Grace got to grate the nutmeg,
While Emma got to wisk the eggs. 
Icicles were made in the tin shop.
They came out beautifully!
We saw cider being mulled,
and made Christmas ornaments.
Emma thought that they were horns.
We loved the 1830s Christmas tree.
The future midwife in me loved reading this!
We made Christmas cards.
And the girls met Santa. 
This is something we have not done before. 
They were both a little nervous but did great!

It was such a lovely, peaceful night and the perfect way to kick off our weekend of Christmas fun!  Todays adventure: heading to the local tree farm and cutting down our tree!

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