Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Birthday Ring

Intoducing the beautiful birthday ring my Dad made (and Mom helped paint).  I have wanted to have a birthday ring for our family celebrations since the first time I saw one just before Grace's first Christmas.  Why it did not occur to me all those years ago to ask my Dad to make one is beyond me! 

We wrote a story about her arrival with a paragraph about each of her years.  Right before each year was read a candle was lit.  My mom read the story, and as you can see, Grace is still rather unsure of what is going on. 
Here, she was starting to realize that this special story was about her.
Clearly, she figured it out!
This is the exact moment where my lovely new camera ran out of battery.  Guess one should not take 600 pictures in one day without charging the battery in between!
It was such a special way to end such a special day!  We were thrilled to get to share this beautiful new tradition with my parents who put so much time and love into making this birthday ring, and are looking forward to it being a part of our birthday celebrations for years to come!

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  1. I love how her expressions change as she realizes what's going on! Such a beautiful tradition.