Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Day At The Beach

Today we took the girls to the Cape.  It was their first time at a beach other than the lake here in town.  To say that they fell in love at first sight is a total and complete understatement! It is as if they had been waiting for this moment their whole lives and finally a dream was coming true.  They wasted no time heading right to the waters edge and exploring this fabulous new place we had taken them to.  We could have easily stayed all day (and the next) with how much fun we had!  Watching the girls as they jumped waves, swam with us holding them, built sandcastles, searched for seashells and gathered seaweed brought back so many memories of the years my family and I lived on the beach.  It was such a fabulous day and one that I know we will all cherish and remember forever!

1 comment:

  1. How I love the Cape. Just crossing over the bridge relaxes me. My family rents a house in Harwichport every year and we co-habitate for a week. This year will be the first with my brother's son who will be just shy of a year. Just looking at your pictures of the sand, the water, the dunes and children playing brings me joy.