Thursday, July 7, 2011

::Right Now::

(This final photo taken by Emma)

Right now, I am:
::listening to the birds singing joyfully as the girls play.

::enjoying these lazy summer days and seeing where each day takes us.

::grateful for good conversations (and yummy food) shared with dearest friends who just totally "get it".

::loving the little "village" that we have created with the people we call "our family of friends".

::hopeful that the material I ordered to make Grace's birthday crown arrives in time.

::finding it hard to believe that my sweet first born daughter turns five in nine days. 

::reflecting on seeing the girls and two of their best friends playing like such big kids in our backyard yesterday.  Time is just flying by too fast!

::realizing that a very special person is getting married in Vermont in a few months and that I still have yet to find dresses for the girls and I to wear to the wedding. 

::excited that Dave is on vacation next week. 

::in awe of how fast the garden is growing.

::wondering what adventures our day will hold today.

::wishing you all a beautiful day full of simply lovely moments!