Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celebrating Another Trip Around The Sun

Grace's fifth birthday celebration started with lots of time spent examining the beautiful new birthday ring that their Grandpa and Gramma made.
Opening her birthday gift from us.
The fairy design kit was a hit!
Then it was time to decorate her cake.  The girls absolutely love this tradition.  She had everything figured out from the colors ("We need ocean colors, Mama!  And seashells from the beach!") to the deocrations to the mermaid to put on top of it.
"Mama, this is my favorite cake ever!"
Then it was time for friends to arrive.  This simple gathering of her (and our) best friends is always so special.
This is easily the sweetest bunch of girls.  I hope that they remain friends for a lifetime (and beyond).
Later on in the day Gramma and Grandpa showed up with a little something for Grace.
"Is that a bike I see?!"
It is! 
It was time for a new bike for her, and since my parents had given her her tricycle they asked if they could get her a new bike this year.  It's perfect!  And looks lovely next to Emma's trike.
And seriously, this shirt could not be any cuter! Thanks, Hannah and Brad! 

It was such a special day for our sweet first born daughter!  These past five trips around the sun have been so magical and full of wonder.  We can't wait to see what the next trip around the sun holds in store for you, dear Grace!  Thank you for making our world so wonderful! We love you! XO

*A seperate post about the birthday ring ceremony will be up tomorrow morning.*

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