Monday, July 18, 2011

Unplugged Sunday Part 1

Our Unplugged Sunday started with a trip to Tower Hill Botanic Garden for the First Annual Family Picnic.  It was a gorgeous day, a little on the warm side, but a perfect day nonetheless.
We all agreed that this was one of the neatest fairy houses there!
Our finished fairy house!
It was such a great way to spend the first part of our Sunday!  The Tower Hill Family Picnic was fantastic, and we hope that they do it again.  We said our good-bye's to my parents (who we'll see again next weekend when we all gather for the annual July birthday celebration) and headed on our way to home to grab our swimsuits, beach toys and some drinks to meet up with our family of friends at Hopkinton State Park. Swimming and a cook-out with friends was the perfect way to end a fabulous day!  Pictures to come tomorrow. 

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