Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Perfect Way To Start Our Day

Our day began with a little blueberry picking.  It was a mild morning. Perfect in every way.  It called to be spent picking blueberries and we happily answered.  
"Mama, do you know that I was born in the blueberries?!"  And while she may not have been born in a blueberry field (which would have been truly delightful and totally fitting for this sweet soul) she was indeed born during blueberry season.  She has been blueberry picking at this lovely farm every year that she has been on this Earth.  After all, it wouldn't be summer without a trip to Indian Head Farm to pick blueberries!
Rockin' the sunglasses.  Just because she can!
There are blueberry muffins (or maybe pancakes) in our future tomorrow morning, and lots of wonderful blueberry goodies throughout the fall, winter and spring.  I think we might make one more trip to the blueberry fields just to make sure we have enough blueberries to get us through to the next blueberry picking season. It's always a delight to have a little reminder of the summer during our cold New England winters.  A promise of things to come!


  1. Ok, we will go picking next week. I was going back and forth as to whether or not I would head off island next week and your precious post just sealed the deal. How much do you bring home?

  2. I am glad that we could help you decide! We brought home 10 pounds and they are delicious! We froze the bulk of them and will be heading back one more time to make sure that we have enough to get us through to next year. The girls helped me put them into freezer bags today (I spread them out on cookie sheets and frozen them in our deep freezer before putting them in freezer bags) and we all agreed that a few more bags would be good! Can't wait to see your pictures!