Thursday, July 14, 2011


We are in countdown mode to July birthday celebrations 2011!  Dave's birthday is tomorrow and the girls and I decided that it would be fun to have a breakfast birthday cake and celebration for him.  Tonight, after the evening chores had been done, and jammies were put on, we got out the necessary ingredients to create the delicious apple cake that will serve as his birthday cake this year (and for years to come I am sure)!  It was a great way to end such a fun filled day.  A day that began with me finishing the stitching of Grace's darling new birthday crown.  I was super impressed with how beautiful it turned out, and I learned lots that I will put to good use when it comes time to make Emma's birthday crown (which she is already talking about)! 

I still have yet to glitter a couple of pieces of the gorgeous birthday ring that my Dad created for us to use.  I have wanted a birthday ring since the first time I laid eyes on one, right before Grace's first Christmas.  Why it did not occur to me to ask my Dad to make one all those years ago I will never know.  Regardless, he did a phenomenal job and I cannot wait for the girls to see it when it debuts on the morning of Grace's birthday!  While we are not filling every hole with an ornament as is written about in the above link, we will instead add one ornament and candle to the ring each year. This way each girl will end up with their own collection of ornaments.  We are already dreaming about what ornaments to make for Emma's birthday celebration in February.  The one thing everyone agrees on is that there must be a sheep included in her collection!  My father making the birthday ring and ornaments just makes this lovely new tradition even more special than it already is! 

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