Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Humpback Whale And A Clam

Today there was a storyteller at the library. She was sharing stories about Water Wizards and at the end she needed help from many of the children in attendance. The story was a Native American one about how the whales got their blowholes. Emma filled the role of a humpback whale in this story. And what a cute humpback whale she was!
 Grace was proud to become a clam for this play. 
 The crab and lobster hats were fabulous!
Emma sings her whale song. 
She gives the Native American a ride to the other side of the ocean.

The kids loved the stories that were told, and the fact that each one had them participating in someway was even more fabulous! Just another wonderful program at our wonderful library! xo


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    1. It truly is! We are so glad to have such an awesome library to call home! xo