Tuesday, July 8, 2014

::Right Now::

Right now I am:
::happily tired after Jazzercise this morning and swimming at the lake this afternoon.

:so very grateful that Dave had the day off today and could join us for our (just about daily) trip to the lake. What a treat to have him there with us today!

:wishing that our house was on the lake. That way we could always be there!

:finding it hard to believe that in a little over a week we'll have an eight year old in the house. 

:realizing how much I need to do to get ready for the aforementioned birthday (and for her Papa's birthday the day before). :making note that we need to get to the farm and the library tomorrow. :making note that we need to get to the farm and the library tomorrow. 

:thinking that we really need to work knitting into our daily (or weekly) rhythm soon.

:looking forward to the many tomato plants that we have in the garden bearing fruit. There really is nothing like eating a tomato that was on the vine only moments before.

:wondering when the blueberries at our favorite farm will be ready for picking. Any day now, I would think. 

:listening to the sound of Little Bear on the TV and thinking about how much we love this sweet show (and always will). 

:wishing that I could figure out where I put our beautiful Waldorf seasonal postcards. I've been missing them for awhile now and probably should just give up my search and order another set. Our nature table just hasn't felt right without them. 

:looking back at past ::Right Now:: posts and reflecting on how quickly the days have passed and how grateful I am that our days are still very much as they always have been- peaceful, slow paced and full of love. 

:making note that we need to get to the farm and the library tomorrow. 

:constantly impressed at what an amazing pair Grace and Emma are. Their sisterhood and friendship is truly awe inspiriting, and I am so very glad to be witness to it each and every day. 

:feeling very blessed to share this life, this journey and this space with the three souls that I do. 

:wishing each of you a summer full of slow days and wonderful moments. xo


  1. Such a beautiful place you are in right now my friend. Enjoy it.

    PS Reece received his lovely package from Grace and Emma today, and me, your little note. Thank you. Reece is already planning his return letter :)

    1. I am so glad it arrived already! My apologies that it arrived after the fact! The girls will be so excited to receive a letter from Reece! It's always fun to get mail from you two! xp

  2. Our tomato plants are beginning to bear fruit, too. Every day I go outside hoping to see a little more red...I can't wait until we're buried under tomatoes and eating them for every meal (or at least for lunch and supper. And snacks.).
    Your days sound lovely, as always. xo

    1. Just the thought of tomatoes from the garden has me craving them even more! :) xo

  3. Sounds like it's a wonderful Summer over there, and your lake pictures are always so beautiful. Good luck with those birthday preparations.

    1. Thanks so much! We are in good shape so far! Now, just to hope that the weather is lovely on Wednesday for her beach gathering with her friends! xo