Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Smiles: At The Circus

It seems to be that catching the Circus Smirkus show while it's in town has become a bit of a tradition for us each summer. Today was our third Smirkus show and I do think it's safe to say it's one of our favorites (the first one that we saw-back in 2012- was our most favorite of the three we've now seen). The amount of talent that the troupers posses really is incredible! When it comes to circus arts these kids set the bar super high, and this year was surely no exception. The hard work that the kids and staff put into this show was totally evident (it always is). It's amazing what they can accomplish in the three weeks they have in Vermont before they hit the road for the rest of the summer! The girls have hopes of attending Smirkus Camp someday soon (we had tried to get them in for this summer but everything was full from the minute registration opened), and I know that they hope to be able to be part of the traveling troupe one day too. What an amazing experience that would be! xo
After the show with the Sea Queen.