Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eight Is Great!

Yesterday began as all birthdays in our family do. The birthday crown was placed on the birthday girl's head and then they made a bee line to see the new additions to the birthday ring. 
After the new items on the ring were discovered (Grandpa made the watermelon, the flamingo, the sunflower and the eight this year) it was time for the four of us to gather in the living room around the birthday tent to open family gifts. 
First up Emma's gifts. She was so proud of what she chose for Grace.
A new Lego Pets set. 
And the much dreamed about Littlest Pet Shop whale. 
I love how completely these two sisters know each other. It truly is a joy to behold! 
Next up, some gifts from her Papa and I. 
A perfect card for one of our fairy loving girls.
The Fairy Queen card game!
And our favorite version of Heidi
And now for the final gift of the morning. 
The look on Grace's face truly says it all! This is an item that she had been longing for. Everywhere we went it seemed that she would find these magical balls. Inside it looks as if there is a glass tree in there and for our nature loving girl this could not have been any more perfect a gift! 
After our family gathering there was just enough time for some breakfast and to get the house ready for her friend gathering. Originally, we were all going to meet at the lake in town, but the less than stellar weather prevented that from happening so instead we had the gathering at our house. 
Once again we had each family sit with Grace as she opened the gift that they brought for her. 
Afterward it was time to sing and have some snacks. 
Once everyone had selected what they wanted for snack we gathered in the living room to watch Frozen. What could be better than to celebrate your eighth trip around the sun than by watching your favorite movie with your friends? 
Beaded bubble wands and bubble solution thank-you gifts for our guests. 
The kids loved this treat but I think the mamas may have loved them even more! 
Grace's beautiful gift has found the perfect home in our home. 
 Once David arrived home from work we gathered around the table for the birthday ring ceremony. This is truly a favorite family tradition and I think it becomes even more beloved with each passing year. 
 Two down...
Half way there!
Officially eight! 
And no celebration would be complete without a lovely and very yummy cake! This year Grace chose a peaches and cream cake. We used the Martha Stewart yellow cake recipe and tweaked the frosting recipe that's included (changing it from raspberries to peaches). It turned out beautifully, though next time I think I'd include peaches only in the cream that was going between the layers. It was really hard to frost the outside with the diced peaches in the cream!

The entire day was simply lovely and the perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun for our sweet Grace! We can't wait to see what's in store for your ninth trip around the sun, darling girl! We're sure it will be full of all sorts of wonderful experiences and amazing adventures! xoxo


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Grace.

  2. Happy Birthday Grace! I love the birthday tent idea!

  3. Lovely presents and amazing ring. And I love the bubble rings, looks like you've had a busy, birthday week.