Saturday, July 19, 2014


 The girls and I spent the morning painting the fence. We began by touching up the gate and the area near it. It took a beating during the long, cold winter we had and needed a fresh coat in certain spots. For those who don't know, the girls and I started painting this massive amount of picket fence last September. We logged 24 hours before deciding to be done for the season. 
 Once the touching up of the driveway side was complete we moved over to the area that we didn't get to last autumn. We managed to get four of the fence sections done today (and have like ten more to go before heading over to the neighbors yard to paint that side of fence). Hopefully, it will only take about twelve hours to finish up this project. The sections we got painted today look so much better! It truly is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! 
 After we finished the sections we had set out to paint today, Grace brought me to see this most unusual butterfly! We had never seen one like it before and were very impressed with how interested she (we decided it's a she) was in our deck and the area around it. She stayed for quite awhile and even seemed to pose for me to take some pictures of her. A quick Google search let us know that she is a Red Spotted Purple. 
Amazing weather, some more time logged on a much looked forward to project and a beautiful butterfly sure made for a fabulous start to our weekend! xo

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