Monday, July 21, 2014

Swimming Lessons And Parakeets

 And so began another year of swimming lessons! Just like that the first day of the much looked forward to lessons arrived and they were off meeting their teacher and the other kids in their class. 
 Lunch after lessons sporting the new hooded towels from Gramma!
 And then what should we spot on the beach but a Parakeet! The poor thing was so confused (and so was everyone else). 
It perched on this shoe for a bit before going under a picnic table. It flew over to the fence just before one of the lifeguards could scoop it up. We left shortly after that so we have no idea how this story ended. We do so hope that they were able to get the bird and find its owner. xo


  1. Awh... poor little bird. I'm sure he/she found its way home. *fingers crossed*
    How wonderful to have swimming lessons in a lake. Wish that was something around here. I think lakes are just too cold, even in summer. LOL! Hope they enjoy their classes. :-) The hooded towels are awesome.

    1. I hope he did too. Have not heard an update but then again things have been so busy at the lake this week I didn't want to interrupt the lifeguards to ask!

      Swimming lessons at the lake are the best! We tried swimming lessons at a pool for them once but they were nowhere near as confident or successful as they have been all these summers at the lake! They just love it so and it's wonderful to be able to watch them enjoy these classes so much!

      Aren't those towels a hoot?! :)

  2. How cool that swimming lessons are in the lake. I would love that for Reece. There is a spot that does it, but it is about an hour drive. Instead we do private lessons in a backyard pool about 20 minutes away.

    Love the parakeet :)

    1. Oh my goodness, you both would love this spot and these lessons! Maybe a week trip to our neck of the woods each summer is in order?! :)

      The backyard pool is a pretty good place too though! I've been wishing for a pool in our yard for years now! The lake is great but sometimes it would be nice to just head out to our yard to cool off! xo

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! We've been buying suits from Land's End for years now and just love 'em! xo