Thursday, April 21, 2011


Since last Saturday it has been all about building around here.  The girls have always loved building with the Duplo's.  Earlier last week Grace found some small Lego's and had shown a real interest in building with them.  So much so that David took her out on a special trip just to go buy a set of small Legos all her own!  From that point on, not a day has gone by where she has not created something with them.
And today it has been all about Connectagons!  The Fairy Connectagons have definitely been a favorite since Grace recieved them as one of her Christmas gifts.  And of course, if you are going to build with fairy themed connectagons you must be dressed up as a fairy (or at the very least, a princess)!

Oh, how we love toys that allow the imagination to soar!

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  1. That is one cool set of connectagons! I kinda want them for me..