Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Fine Old Tree

We would like to thank Mother Nature for providing the girls, and a few of their best friends, with the wonder of the day. 
Beneath the fine old tree are (easily) millions of acorns. 
"The fairies would love these acorns, mama!"
In between collecting, and running and chatting, all of the girls began twirling (which is expected when a group of girls are together in pretty spring dresses)!
Thank you, Mother Nature, for sharing your bounty with us.  For giving each of us something to once again be in awe of.  For reminding us that ordinary miracles are the best kind of miracles and that our dreams are as limitless as the amount of acorns beneath the fine old tree. 


  1. what a beautiful post - those pictures are amazing and the sentiment is just perfect. lovely, just lovely.

  2. What a gorgeous day! Not much better than spinning girls under a cool old tree!

  3. Thanks, girls! To get to be in the presence of that tree truly was an honor!

  4. I have a crush on a certain tree. It's a magical tree, and I LOVE her/him! I am glad you have a tree that has rooted it way into your heart.