Monday, April 4, 2011

::Right Now::

Right now I am..
::still reveling in the beauty of the sunrise this morning.
::in awe of how different the girls are, but yet how similar they are too.
::enjoying the sounds of a quiet house after a busy day.
::happy to have been snuggled on the couch with my littles watching The Velveteen Rabbit before they went to bed tonight.
::loving how the girls adore sharing a bed and the sweetness of seeing them curled up together each night. 
::missing David, and wishing that he was home tonight instead of working at the store. 
::reflecting on how proud Grace was to plant her "seed children" in the garden yesterday and looking forward to it being warm enough so we really can plant!
::dreaming about the day we own a teeny tiny farm (in Vermont?!) and wishing that we could make that dream a reality sooner rather than later.
::excited to be surprising the girls with a trip to the princess tea at the Hawthorne Hotel on Saturday!
::wondering what other wonderful adventures we'll have this week.
::feeling blessed to live such an incredible life!

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