Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nature Girls

On Sunday, Grace and Emma were invited to Sweet William Farm for a friends birthday party.  It was a beautiful day for just such a party, and the location could not have been more perfect!  We had been to Sweet William Farm once last summer for one of their summer concerts, and it was nice to be back after such a long time away.    We arrived, the girls were greeted by a very excited birthday girl and they went off to explore. 
The moment they laid eyes on the stream that ran through the grounds they were in heaven!  As if it was not exciting enough to have been included in the birthday fun, the birthday party location had the stuff that their dreams are made of!  They spent the good majority of the free time at the party investigating the stream, imagining things, asking questions, learning, dreaming and having fun!  It was due to this stream that they discovered they could control the flow of water by simply placing a foot in the flow (or removing their foot).  It was fabulous to watch them experience that and get excited each time the speed of the water flow changed!  There is nothing like kicking your shoes off on a 70+ degree day and doing some hands (or rather feet) on exploring! 

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