Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day

"Earth, so big, and me, so small- Oh, what good can I do?"  Funny you should ask, my child.  The world's been waiting for you!" 
-One Child, One Planet by Bridget McGovern Llewellyn
We planted the wildflower seeds that Hannah sent us for Earth Day!
There was lots of outside time, of course!
And no Earth Day is complete without a little neighborhood clean up!
While everyday in our family is Earth Day, we never miss a chance to celebrate a wonderful holiday either! Earth Day is easily one of our most favorite, and as the girls have gotten older it's been fun to see them grow into quite the little conservationists!  They truly do not understand why anyone would ever leave their trash to harm Mother Earth and Mother Nature (and neither do I)! 

One final thought in regard to Earth Day (as found on the front of the seed packets given out at Mario Batali's restaurant):

"Dear Earth,
We are sorry.
We are working on it.
Please be patient a little while longer.
We think the world of you. Love, The Human Race."

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