Thursday, April 14, 2011

Painted Ladies

It's a week of birthday partying for us!  Another one of the girls friends turned five today and invited us to join in the birthday fun at a local playground.  We are loving these outdoor birthday parties, and even better, the birthday families seem to be scoring incredible days for such special events!  Once Emily was done setting up, and the facepainter was ready as well, Emily came to see if Grace would be willing to get her face painted first.  Clearly she knew who her go to girl was!   She barely finished the words "face painted like a fairy" before Grace hightailed it over there.  You don't have to ask her twice!
Happy fifth birthday, sweet girl!
It was a glorious day!  The perfect way to celebrate turning five! May the next five years be as blessed and full of magic and wonder as the past five have been!  Enjoy your special day, friends!

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