Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Nature Table Kind Of Day

As you may know, one of the things that we have adopted from the Waldof philosophy of education is the creation of a seasonal nature table.  With how much we love nature, being outdoors and the seasons it made sense that we would choose to incorporate one into the rhythm of our home.  The girls love adding things that they find outside to our nature table, and I imagine that when things are finally in bloom there will be many new additions each day!  Our day today was full of nature.  Not just the type that you can place on our nature table, but also the type that you experience, or revel in.  The kind whose memories you take with you and keep with you for years to come.

Our day began with a visit to our friend Annie and her precious chicks.
After we got home and had some lunch and quiet time we headed outside for some much needed fresh air. 
"Look, Emma! Mushrooms for our fairy house!"
Who knew we had pussywillow?! 
While Grace began to collect things for the first fairy house of the season,
Emma decided to dive into a good book!
Presenting: The first fairy house of the season!

We were so grateful to be able to spend a good chunk of the afternoon outdoors, and for the chance to spend some time visiting with our friends and their precious two week old chicks!  We were super excited to see that things are budding!  Thank you, Mother Nature, for waking up your children!  We have anxiously been awaiting their arrival!  


  1. Wonderful words for a wonderful day!

    Greetings from Germany!

  2. Thanks, Karen! It truly was a lovely day. We are just so grateful to have been able to get outside! This week it has been super windy and yesterday was the first day where the wind had stopped and we could really enjoy being outside!

    Hope all is well in Germany!