Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Snowy Lantern Walk

We went on a magical snowy lantern walk tonight. It was the first time we had taken one (and it's safe to say that there will be many more to come). After dinner we got into our jammies (followed by our snow clothes), grabbed our lanterns and headed out. The snow was softly falling and it was incredibly peaceful. We were the only people out except for the occasional car that passed by. It was fun to feel like this world was ours and ours alone. We explored and chatted and took in how peaceful it was as we walked. When we returned to the house the girls decided to play outside for a bit. Rosy cheeked and happily cold they came inside and requested peppermint hot chocolate to warm up with. As we sat by the light of the Christmas tree drinking our hot chocolate Grace said to me: "Mama, I am so glad that you came up with the idea for a snowy lantern walk! It was truly magical! I hope we can do this again and again!" We sure can, sweet girl. We sure can!


  1. what a truly fantastic idea and it looks beautiful! I think we will have to go on a lantern walk in the near future!

  2. Thanks girls! It was such a magical experience! And Kim, I love that we did the same thing on the same night without even knowing it! :) Kathleen, a winter lantern walk is something you must do! It's definitely a lovely new tradition!