Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Visit With Santa Claus

Last Friday we went on our annual trip to Old Sturbridge Village's Christmas by Candlelight event. They started this event about four years ago and we've attended each year ever since. We always go on a Friday night, as it's much less crowded then, and we usually aim for the first Friday that it's taking place. This year and last however, we've gone the second Friday of the month and it's been just as peaceful and lovely. 

It was at this very event four years ago that the girls first ever interacted with Santa. You see back when it was Grace's first Christmas David and I made the very conscious decision that we wouldn't talk Santa up. We wouldn't ignore him all together but he wouldn't be the primary focus for us and our girls during this season. We decided we wouldn't visit him at the mall, or that the girls wouldn't write letters (when they were older). That it wouldn't be about the "naughty list" and the "nice list" or "reporting to Santa on their behavior". For us Santa was to be about the spirit of the season. The goodness and kindness and generous part of the season. For that reason it would be up to Santa what little surprise was left under the tree for the girls (rather than there being requests of what he should leave). For that reason Santa became, in our family, a secondary character. The main focus for us would be on each other and our time together and the gift giving and receiving would be done within our family rather through him. 

So when they first met Santa those four years ago I wasn't even sure what they would think of him. Would they want anything to do with him? They were so young and did not have much to say to this man in the red suit that stood before them. They mostly just looked at him. He was sweet and kind and not at all pushy. And truthfully there was something very magical about this Santa that stood before us. I couldn't help but feel that he could quite possibly be the real deal. 

And so, each year over the last four years, we have made it a point to visit with Santa. He is truly amazing and spends a good long time (like 10-15 minutes) with each family that has come to see him. It's magical to watch him interact with each child. Truth be known I get a little choked up each year watching my girls chat with him. And this year I couldn't help but feel like he really did remember our two sweet girls. There was something about the questions he asked, the way he chatted with them that just had me feeling as if he remembered them. Finally it was time to say good-bye and head out into the village to see what other adventures awaited us. "Thank you, Santa! Merry Christmas!" we all said and he replied "Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho! See you all next year!" 

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