Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Morning

Our morning was spent baking and decorating. Before the girls were up I came downstairs and got to work cutting and baking cookies. The quiet of the house and the chance to get a head start on the cookies was the perfect way to begin the day. I had about thirty minutes before I was joined by Emma and then another thirty minutes before Grace joined in too. It's always so lovely to have time to myself and then time with each of my sweet girls, but I really do love it best when we three are together! The girls got really into the decorating. I had mixed up some icing (from the Flour cookbook) and as I was wishing we had more powdered sugar I remember I had all the gels from Emma's rainbow birthday cake this past February. I dug them out from their hiding spot and the girls didn't miss a beat. They each chose gnome cookies to decorate and before I knew it we had two sweet rainbow gnomes completed! And seriously, aren't those gnome cookies adorable?! I think it's my new favorite cookie cutter! Once we had plenty of cookies done we got out all the treats we made last night and began boxing them up to bring to our beloved pediatrician and her team, the librarians and some friends! So, while we spent our morning decorating cookies we spent the afternoon delivering them! 


  1. LOVE the gnomes. Are they from Williams Sonoma?? I think we need some gnome cookie cutters 'round here!

  2. Aren't they fabulous?! They are indeed from Williams-Sonoma (and you totally need some round your house too)! This is the boy gnome, I'm hoping the girl gnome shows up in my stocking! :)