Sunday, December 22, 2013

On Solstice

A few days before Solstice, when it was below freezing, we got to work making our ice sun catchers and ice lanterns. Why not take advantage of the super cold temperatures we figured. 
Thanks to an idea from our friends at Simple Whimsy we decided to try our hand at making ice lanterns using bundt pans this year. What a brilliant idea!
Emma and her ice sun catcher. 
It doubles as a bird feeder too. 
Solstice Eve found us making birdseed bird feeders. 
The next morning.....
Our sweet sun topper is on our tree! It can mean only one thing...Winter Solstice has arrived!
We readied the nature table, 
and prepared some apple/peanut butter/bird seed feeders for the birds too. 
The birds and squirrels will surely be very grateful for this feast. 
We hung up our sun catchers even though it was far too warm for them yesterday. We were so sad that it was not chilly and snowy (or at least cold enough that these beautiful sun catchers would stay longer). We'll surely make them again later in the winter though (along with ice lanterns again too)!
As the sun started to set we began to light candles. The Yule Log was one of the first to be lit. 
And the ice lanterns became an instant family favorite! Aren't they enchanting? It was so hard to capture just how beautiful they truly are. We all agreed that these need to be made each Solstice from now on! 

Winter Solstice truly has become one of our most favorite holidays to celebrate. For us, Solstice is not about giving gifts to each other, though my hope is that as I get better at knitting it will be when each person receives their mittens/gloves and hat for that year. For us, Solstice is about celebrating the Earth, the arrival of a new season and the animals that inhibit this place we call home. In this day and age where life moves by at such a fast pace, and Christmas has become so commercial and harried, the chance to celebrate simply is so necessary and so appreciated.  We hope that each of you had a lovely Solstice Day and that this new season brings with it much peace and love. 


  1. Beautiful Shel! Can't wait to try those ice lanterns, although right now if you look outside it looks like we are in an ice lantern :)

  2. Stay safe, my friend! The ice lantern project is awesome! You'll love it!