Saturday, December 28, 2013

On Christmas Day

Our Christmas morning began slowly and quietly like all our days. 
There were snuggles in bed before heading downstairs. 
The girls started with stockings and then the gifts from Santa.
These sweet wooden trees were the perfect gifts from Santa. 
The girls then gave David the gifts that they painted for him. 
Sweet gnomes (a girl from Emma and a boy from Grace). 
After that they decided to exchange the gifts they chose for each other. They took so much care to choose just the right gifts for each other. It was so sweet to watch this all happen and even more amazing that they kept it secret from each other. 
"Thank you!"
Their "something to wear" gifts were sweatshirts from their dance school. 
And their "something to read" gifts were these gorgeous books. 
We saved their "something you need" and "something you've hoped for" gifts for the end. 
Knowing full well that once these gifts were opened they would want to spend loads of time playing with them. 
Their skates were their "something you need" gift. 
And these next gifts were their "something you've hoped for" gifts 
(the poem is supposed to be "something you want" but we like hoped for better). 
And these gifts certainly fit that category perfectly as they had been hoped for and dreamed of and visited every time we were at the Lego Store or Target!
Later that day....
Opening gifts from Aunt Kaitlyn. 
A make-your-own-snowflake kit and fabulous winter stamps. Such fun!
Kaitlyn, David, Grace, Emma and I decided that gift cards for Grant would be good. But how to present them I kept wondering? The answer came when Grace discovered this Charlie Brown tree at Walgreens on Christmas Eve! That's it! The perfect way to present my Peanuts loving brother these gifts! 
And it was indeed!
As you can see he was super surprised and super happy!
Then it was time for gifts from Gramma and Grandpa. 
Another Christmas wish was granted (these lovely dolls from Frozen)! We saw the movie with my parents and the girls reciving these much dreamed about dolls from them was the icing on the cake!
"Thanks Gramma and Grandpa for our dolls! We love them!"

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone and that 2013 is coming to a close. We had a lovely day and are enjoying the final few days of this year. We wish you much peace, love and joy during the remaining days of 2013. May this year end on a high note! xo

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  1. Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas for you all!! Happy New Year to you!! : )

    ~ Wendy