Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And So It Begins

And so begins Dave's fifteenth holiday season with Williams-Sonoma. What began as a seasonal job for him during our Senior year of college turned into a regular part time job and has lasted ever since. There was a  period of time where this served as his full time job (though that period of time was short lived due to him passing his Physical Therapy licencing exam back in the day). For our entire marriage it has been his regular part time gig. His hours increase during the holiday season (of course) and it's then that I become a "Williams-Sonoma widow". The girls have grown up in this store and refer to the mall that it's in as "Daddy's mall".  I absolutely love this picture of the "Williams-Sonoma babies" hanging out at Williams-Sonoma while their Papa chats about the day and "the just beginning holiday season". It's another little glimpse into our lives at holiday time and it really is captured perfectly here. 

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  1. Having a husband in retail is tough. I know first hand about being a holiday-widow! This is the time of year Greg travels to all the stores giving encouragement and prepping for the year end holiday sales. It is a horrible time of year to have Dad away. I have also found it tough at times to balance consumerism/minimalism when our family's livelihood is tied to the amount of sales a company earns. However, we have had more discussions and lessons about creativity and inspiration and art and math and economics..........Your girls will learn so much from sitting at the Williams Sonoma counter.