Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Eve. Our shoes are by the door and ready for Saint Nicholas to stop by!
And stop by he did! 
This is the first time he left little wooden toys for the girls and a book (that I had been dreaming of) for the family! 
Emma, our Early Bird, was the first one up. She was so excited to see what Saint Nicholas had left!
Grace arrived a little while later. 
She, too, was captivated by the items in her shoe (especially the fairy)!
We've only been celebrating this sweet little holiday for the last few years but it has quickly become a favorite. I love that it's simple, little timeless things that are left for the girls to discover. Nuts, Clementines, chocolate and (this year) little wooden fairy dolls. It's also a holiday about kindness and helping others and as such we always choose a kindness to do. Last year we donated winter hats and mittens to the local shelter. This year, we still have yet to figure out what our act of kindness will be. We figure this way we can extend the spirit of love and kindness that is so important to us (and that was so important to Saint Nicholas) a little bit longer! 

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