Monday, December 9, 2013

A Trip To Vaillancourt Folk Art

I realized tonight that I never posted pictures from our trip to Vaillancourt Folk Art when Dave's parents were up visiting during Thanksgiving. In an attempt to get fully caught up from Thanksgiving week I present to you the gorgeous pictures from our first trip there. For as lovely as these pictures are, it is even more amazing to see this place in person!
Throughout the store there are Santas to be bought. 
And retired pieces to be seen. 
You can even watch the artisans hard at work while you are there. I love that these pieces are all made by hand and painstakingly painted. You can read more about this process here
Every time you turn around there is another exquisite piece to discover. 
The back portion of the store is a museum of past pieces. 
It's amazing to see the many incarnations of Santa Claus. 
Charles Dickens' Great Great Grandson even makes an appearance at the store in Sutton
The statues are all so enchanting. 
The attention to detail is out of this world!
There's even a quiet spot to color, read or just sit back and take it all in. 

It really is a very magical place. In addition to all the Santas there is also a section of Easter/Spring items,and Autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving items. I am sure that there are other holidays and occasions as well but as it was the day after Thanksgiving we were more focused on the Santas (of which there are tons) than anything else. We will surely have to head back in the Spring to take in all the other items there we missed during our first trip! 

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