Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Spiral Walk

This evening our church held it's first Advent Spiral walk. The girls and I arrived a couple of hours ahead of time to get the spiral all set up. They were so focused and dedicated to the task at hand. 
The spiral was readied and the candles prepared. 
Now, just to wait for everyone to arrive!
Since we were the only family who had walked a Spiral before it was decided that Grace and Emma should go first. They did a wonderful job! It didn't take long before our Spiral started to be illuminated. 
I love that this sweet couple walked to the center and back hand in hand. Even if I did not know them I would instantly know that this is how they walk through life together. 
It's always amazing to see how different people walk the Spiral. 
Some are really quite and focused. Others are much quicker. 
And this sweet picture of a grandfather and his granddaughters is one of my most favorite of the night. Normally, photography is not allowed during the walking. I am so happy that we allowed it (as long as the flash was not used) so that moments like this could be captured for time and all eternity.
One of Grace's most favorite things to do during Advent is to walk the Spiral. As she had been second to walk this one (and therefore only one apple candle was lit when she walked) she asked if she could go once more. I knew she wanted a chance to be in the enchanting Spiral all lit up. I am glad that she walked it again and I wish that Emma been in the room at the time so she could have walked it a second time too.  
The harp and flute Christmas music we had playing helped to make the experience all that more enchanting. The quiet. The scents. The chance to sit in a dimly lit, peace filled room truly is the perfect way to begin the holiday season. I loved looking around at the members of our faith community and seeing peace and serenity wash over them. It is a moment I will carry with me always.
And just like that, a bit of the Waldorf world is brought to our sweet church and a new tradition is begun!


  1. This is beautiful Shel. So wish we could have been there.

    1. I wish you could have been there too, Kim! It was such a wonderful evening and I am so glad that we were able to bring this lovely tradition to our church! The people I had a chance to chat with afterward were just so moved by the experience that I'm pretty sure that the Advent Spiral will be done for years to come! xo

  2. Would you mind sharing how this is an advent tradition? Do the candles represent days in December? Wait, I just counted, there are more than 24...... It is beautiful and I am unaware of this way to celebrate the season. Thanks!

    1. Sure Jess! I was so tired after our very busy day yesterday that I am actually impressed that I was able to put a post together! My apologies for not explaining it more clearly! :)

      It comes from the Waldorf tradition of education and is still popular in Waldorf Schools around the country (and the world) today! My understanding is that it was started in 1926 at the first ever Waldorf school in Germany during a time when people felt that walking a spiral was curative for whatever ailed you. The greens form the spiral path and inside the greens are tucked little treasures that represent the four kingdoms that are part of the Waldorf Advent verse (week one is stones and crystals, week two plants, week three animals and week four humans). Each person who walks the Spiral selects an apple candle and walks to the center to light their candle from the center candle and then walks back out. Along the path we've also laid gold stars as markers for the various spots that candles should go. It's really cool to see how each person walks the Spiral so differently. Some are very quick and others are very slow and meditative. It's magical to enter what is essentially a fairly dark room and to watch as the light increases with each additional candle! The children in attendance don't get the deep significance of it, they just think it's beautiful and magical (and it is!) but basically it's all about finding your light in the darkness and letting it shine (as well as seeing how when we all come together we can really illuminate the world)! Hope that helps! xo

    2. Oh how lovely and spiritual! Thank you for explaining it so clearly. What a great tradition to begin in your church. You have a gift for making memories with your girls that will last longer than a lifetime.

    3. Thanks friend! It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do! :) It truly is such an amazing experience, and one that I know you and your girls would love! xo