Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Snow Of The Season

The long awaited first snow of the season arrived today! And while it didn't bring as much as we would have liked, it did bring enough to do some sledding in! The girls were over the moon and only came in due to it being time to head to Emma's dance class. Thank you snow fairies for making their wish for snow come true! 


  1. We did! Not quite enough for our liking but we'll take it! :)

  2. You got way more than us! It looked pretty here for about two hours, then it turned slushy. Not enough for sledding. I hear we may get another opportunity this weekend......

  3. I hope so, Jess! The girls are dying to use their snowshoes!

    It took forever to really get going around here and was pretty slick out there this morning (on my way to the gym). If it's going to be this cold out I'd surely appreciate some pretty snow to go with it! :)