Friday, January 22, 2010

Finger Painting

Today the girls wanted to finger paint.  I went to the bin where we keep the paints and discovered that each bottle of finger paint was virtually empty. There was not nearly enough in each bottle for one, never mind two children to create their masterpieces with.  I had no desire to get everyone dressed and pile into the car to head out to get new paints at that very moment (but will certainly add it to the list of things to pick up next time we are out).  Instead, I went to the cooking cabinet and checked to see if we had instant vanilla pudding.  I was thrilled to discover that we did.  Now, we were in business!  We could make edible finger paint!  And that is exactly what we did!

We started by pouring the pudding mix into a bowl.

Next, we added 1 cup of milk to the mix.
This way it will be good and thick for finger painting.


It is very important to lick the wisk when the mixing is done.

We used gel food coloring (the neon pack) since it works the best in the pudding. The colors are vibrant and the neon pack has good "girly" or "springy" colors!  I placed some in each bowl before adding the pudding so that when the girls mixed they would be surprised to see the pudding turn the color of the gel.  As they mix, if the color is not bright enough feel free to add more.

This is such a fun and delicious project!  We "paint" right on the table so clean up is easy.  No need to use paper with this project since they spend just as much time easting the finger paint as painting with it! For each set of two-three children make one box of pudding, so for four children I would make two boxes of pudding mixed with two cups of milk.

Have a wonderful rest of Friday, friends!
We'll see you tomorrow.

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