Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

The girls woke up full of energy and quickly got to playing dress up and with their dolls.

After they finished shopping, we had some breakfast.

After breakfast a little more time playing dress up,

followed by the sad realization that the living room was trashed.

We headed upstairs to get ready for the day, and the girls ended up on the "phone" with Grandma.

The "phone" incase you are wondering is a light switch for their floor lamp.  Ever since my Mom plugged that into their floor lamp, when Grace was younger than Em is now, it has been a "phone".

After we were dressed we had a playdate with some of our favorite people!
My bestest friend, and the girls beloved godmother, Mary, and her adorable son Will from:

A fantastic beginning to a new week.
We'll see you tomorrow.

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