Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Breakfast

Every Sunday Morning, Dave and his sous chefs make pancakes for breakfast.  Since we have so many blueberries frozen from our wonderful blueberry picking adventure this past summer, they have been making blueberry pancakes the past few weeks.  There is just something about the combination of fresh blueberries and real maple syrup that really hits the spot!  Not only does it make for a deliciously filling meal, but it also provides a reminder of the fun that we had over the summer picking all these beautiful berries!

Some weeks we have chocolate chip pancakes, or banana chocolate chip pancakes, or sometimes they just leave them plain.  No matter what treats they include in the batter, they always come out perfect in the end.  Dave likes to think that it's due in part to his trusty spatula, circa 1970.  

The flowers on the table are a welcome bit of spring during this crazy cold spell we are having here in New England.  They were a lovely surprise from Dave last week!

And this is the picture that confirmed what Grace had been telling us for days:  She was in desperate need of a haircut!  Dave being the hearty New Englander he is, decided that after breakfast they would suit up and head out to get her a haircut (complete with lollipop).  What a good Daddy he is! 

We hope that your Sunday finds you tucked safely inside, with good food and lots of fun family time.