Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Farmer's Market

Today, after David and Grace returned from Grace's dance class, we decided that it would be fun to check out the winter farmer's market.  The market was being held at Russell's Garden Center which is one of our favorite places.  In the summer/fall they hold a weekly farmer's market.  The girls and I love to go and always come home with some sort of goodies. With how much we have missed our weekly supply of local produce we were super excited to see that a winter farmer's market come to the area!

No trip to Russell's is complete without visiting the Koi.

In addition to the bins of gorgeous produce there were also delicious baked goods, meat, milk, eggs, honey, maple syrup, and wool.
We bought and shared two cookies.
It was the perfect snack.

One last visit to the koi pond.

The winter farmer's market was amazing!  There were so many vendors there, and so many things to choose from.  We came home with a head of garlic (since we are thinking about growing our own this year in our garden), wild flower honey, carrots and of course the cookies seen above. On our way home we stopped by our CSA farm and picked up another dozen eggs.  The eggs at the farmer's market were more expensive than at Hanson's Farm and were not nearly as pretty!  We will certainly be heading back to the winter farmer's market several more times this season!

We hope that your day was full of the simple (and delicious) things in life.
We'll see you tomorrow, friends.

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