Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Visit to the Farm

Today we were blessed with amazing weather, and not wanting to miss out on enjoying this beautiful day the girls and I headed to Hanson's Farm to buy some eggs (we'd heard their hens were "laying like crazy") and visit the farm animals.  We had participated in their first ever CSA last year and we were very sad when the 20 weeks came to an end.  What would we do without our weekly trips to the farm for our local produce and flowers?

We arrived and selected some of the most beautiful eggs you have ever seen.  They truly look like they belong on the cover of a Martha Stewart magazine.  The girls really loved seeing the different colors of the egg shells.

We hope that you had a chance to get out and enjoy this lovely weather.
It was just what we needed after being inside for so long!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and as always, we'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Mmm, lovely!
    We haven't been to our (local historic) farm in a month or so... I wonder if my babies would like to go?

  2. I bet they would love a trip to the farm! It was just what we needed to lift our sprits after Grace being so sick and all of us being stuck inside for a good few weeks!