Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Monday

We started our day by baking some brownies to go with the meal we made for our very pregnant friend Sarah and her family.

When we were done with the brownies it was time to try out the new paints.

There is just something so wonderful about new paints and brushes.

As Grace was painting she said; "And here are bunny ears."

While the girls watched Max & Ruby,

I made a batch of chicken soup.

Which totally hit the spot!

See you tomorrow, friends!


  1. I Shoulda Stayed!! good fun;great pics

    XO XO XO Gramma/Mom

    ps. Shel, You're doing Great,even as an "under-the-weather mommy"...feel better soooon. Love Ya :)

  2. Now, if only you lived up here, you'd never have to leave! :) We will be sure to paint next time you come visit! I am trying to keep on keepin' on even though I am feeling rather lousy. It's better when i am busy, when I sit for too long I seem to feel worse! Needless to say, I am looking forward to bedtime immensely so I can crash on the couch!

  3. Love their new easel! And that you made brownies AND Chicken soup, while feeling sick. You are a star!

  4. Thanks friend! :) The chicken soup was the only thing that sounded good that day and I was so happy that it tasted as good as I wanted it too! We all loved it so much we each had a second bowl!

    The easel is easily one of the best things we have ever owned! it is just what we needed to help make the long, cold days of winter a little more exciting (and colorful)!