Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Great Fun!

Today I decided that we needed to do something outside of our house.  I decided that we needed to go somewhere we had not been before, and that we should drag our friends from The Chronicles of Mad Molly and Her Trusty Sidekick the Roaming Gnome with us.  I decided that we should head into Boston and go to the Boston Children's Museum!

I shared my brilliant idea with Mary this morning as we were chatting on Facebook chat.  She thought it was a fantastic idea, and so we each said our good-byes so we could get the day started and get out the door.

I simply told the girls that we were going out in search of adventure.  That was enough for them to kick it into high gear.  We had breakfast, got dressed and headed out.

There was much excitement from Grace when we arrived at Casa Johnston.
Emma however was fast asleep.

We acquired our friends and headed on in to Boston.

Upon arrival we got down to the business of having fun and discovering new things!

Don't you put your bacon in the toaster too?

Just when you think the BCM cannot get any cooler you discover that it has a Recycle Shop!
Companies can donate their extra/left over materials to the museum, and for a small fee you can purchase a bag to fill with whatever materials you choose.  This would be a great way to stock up on supplies for various projects!

We absolutely love that it's a green museum.  So cool!

Time to head home.

We had a totally terrific time!  In the words of Grace today was "great fun"! It was the perfect way to spend the day, and the Boston Children's Museum totally gets and A+!  However, when it comes to parking it gets an F. There is no parking lot right at the museum so you have to walk a couple of blocks. On a warm, beautiful day this would not be a problem, however on a cold winter day it's a big problem.   Especially when you consider that the museum is by the harbor which makes it even colder!

There is a cafeteria to eat in, and you can either bring your own lunch or buy it at Au Bon Pain (which is attached to the museum).

The girls truly were delighted at every thing they encountered, and while they were sad to leave I think they were OK with it too.  We all were super worn out!

We hope that you had a fabulous adventure of your own today too!
And on that note, we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. We loved that place! Glad you all enjoyed.

  2. Such a super cool place! Have you ever taken the kids to KidCity in Middletown? We stopped there on our way home once and loved it. Such fun! If you ever want company next time you head to Boston let us know. We'd be happy to join you!